Read First

I (@alpine.n55) am not responsible for any damages that may result with these maps, you are completely responsible for what you choose to do with your car.
You must have a fully straight-piped exhaust (including catless dp) in order to shoot flames, if you do not you will most likely damage something.
If you would like to figure out how to make your own custom flame map, click here.
By no means am I claiming that I created the values put into these maps, they were created by the poster of the forum post above, all I did was create the maps for the F & E series using his values.
Each of these stock files were sourced from here.

How To Flash

In order to flash these maps you must own an MHD Flasher license. You can find more information about here.
Step 1: Find your Hardware ID by opening the MHD Flasher app and clicking "Flash a MHD Map", look for "HW: ".
Step 2: Download the proper map file for your HWID.
Step 3: Go back to the MHD Flasher app home page and click "Flash a Custom Map".
Step 4: Select the map file you downloaded.
Step 5: Set your flash options, but disable any burbles.
Step 6: Flash!
Step 7: Check out my IG ;)

How It's Done

The way this is done is by modifying the Timing (main) table.
Essentially the timing is retarded when the engine is at low load, but only above 5500RPMs, which results in BIG flames!
The values in red are the only modifications done throughout each file:

Download N55 Flame Maps

Hardware ID Type Link
000021571D8202 EWG
000021571DAA01 EWG
00000D07596401 PWG
00000FEF81A001 PWG
00001C41279601 PWG
9E60B Exx
98G0B Exx